We target first 2000 days of the child life, as they are crucial for the growth of the brain cells’ connections and hence overall development of the child. During this time period, the brain is “learning to learn.” The synaptic connections made in children’s brains at this stage will shape their future intelligence and learning habits. And also, if the right connections are not made, brain cells will start disappearing. It is essential to help your child at this young age to develop his/her capabilities and skills, which further will lead him/her to successful study in formal school and further in life.

It is very well known that brain cannot learn well under stress, hence positive and supportive classroom environment has been created in all our preschools. When students are exposed to pressure, ridicule or other forms of stress from teachers or other students, their brains go into fight or flight mode. Learning will not take place. It’s not just the target of the stress either. Mirror neurons in our brains cause us to feel similar stress to those around us, causing the learning ability of the entire class to drop. So we make sure to maintain positive learning environment in our classrooms.

Kinderpillar provides:

  • A stimulus-rich, stress-free environment specially designed to provide brain-building experiences for children which is creative, open-ended and exploratory.
  • Helping the child make conscious and unconscious interconnections
  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each brain and the dominant learning style of each child
  • Providing hands-on learning experiences through engaging activities that encourage the use of both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Offer support when needed to help children develop new skills and facilitating interplay between children and the environment.