A Preschool Curriculum Built on the Framework of Multiple Intelligences

The Kinderpillar Program uses theory of Multiple Intelligences as a curriculum framework. Multiple intelligences has had a profound impact on thinking and practice in education, the world over. The theory propounded that human beings have different intelligences that include verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily – kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, naturalist and intrapersonal intelligences. This is why children learn in different ways and at different paces. Our preschool curriculum makes use of a range of learning and teaching styles that helps children have their particular learning needs met and also encourages them to explore and exercise all of their intelligences.

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8 Multiple Intelligences
Based on the 8 Multiple Intelligences, our Preschool Curriculum delivers the following structure:
  • Kinder Math Smart:Sharpening logical thinking and the ability to calculate, quantify, carry out mathematical operations, recognize patterns and numbers.
  • Kinder Word Smart:Developing oral and written language skills and the appreciation of words and vocabulary through reading, writing and storytelling.
  • Kinder Design Smart:Developing creative-aesthetic skills of visualization, building , drawing and design .
  • Kinder Music Smart:Sharpening the ability to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music through rhythm, singing and making music.
  • Kinder Nature Smart:Building a keen appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and living things.
  • Kinder Body Smart:Building exceptional control over one’s bodily expression through movement and physical activity.
  • Kinder People Smart:Developing effective person-to-person communication, sensitivity to others, qualities of leadership and the ability to work together in groups.
  • Kinder Me Smart:Creating better awareness of the inner world of the self and getting in touch with one’s emotions, values, beliefs and thoughts.

Importance of the first 2000 days of your child’s life

Brain-Based Preschool Curriculum Program

We target first 2000 days of the child life, as they are crucial for the growth of the brain cells’ connections and hence overall development of the child. “Use it or lose it” – it is essential to help your child at this young age to develop his/her capabilities and skills, which further will lead him/her to successful study in formal school and further in life.

It is very well known that brain cannot learn well under stress, hence positive and supportive classroom environment has been created in all our preschools. When students are exposed to pressure, ridicule or other forms of stress from teachers or other students, their brains go into fight or flight mode. Learning will not take place. It’s not just the target of the stress either. Mirror neurons in our brains cause us to feel similar stress to those around us, causing the learning ability of the entire class to drop. So we make sure to maintain positive learning environment in our classrooms.