Welcome to the world of Kinderpillar for Children!

Dear Parents,

We all agree to the fact that raising a child is one of the toughest and equally satisfying jobs in the world. And also, the one for which we are least prepared.

Every new parent needs guidance and support to rear the child in the safest and secure manner. The sense of self starts developing in children when you start addressing them with various names, tone of your voice, body language and expressions. Parents’ words and actions help children in developing their self esteem. Appreciating even for their smallest effort will build their confidence. Parents are advised not to speak to their children in a loud tone. Parents need to select the words and sentences very carefully before speaking to them.

Along with this, the child rearing procedure is followed for the development, promotion and providing support for the physical, emotional, social and academic growth of a child from formative years to adulthood.

This exciting new program at Kinder pillar preschool is based on the very best research and teaching techniques used in the United States of America to educate young children. This program is a unique blend of brain-based research and creative teaching techniques that not only teach your children but actually inspire them to learn!

Your child is a natural learner, investigator and thinker. It is our job to provide the materials and activities that support and enhance your child’s ability to learn. Kinderpillar is a whole-child curriculum, which means the content of the program supports ALL aspects of your child’s growing and learning. Each day at Kinderpillar offers your child opportunities to learn key Science, Math, and Literacy concepts and the Social, Creative and Physical skills that are essential to school success. Together they create a balanced program that emphasized the natural way your child learns through experiences.

With an engaging mixture of fun and learning, children at Kinderpillar will gain essential skills that will be the foundation for learning success throughout the rest of their schooling and life. Come join us for the joy of learning…the Kinderpillar way.

Just as a caterpillar is on the verge of blossoming into a radiant butterfly… Kinderpillar kids are in the magical stage of learning as they develop into strong and beautiful learners ready to FLY!

When your Child Your Child is
Climbs, Crawls and dances coordinating the two hemispheres of the brain
Uses her fingers in songs and dances Activating both motor and cognitive skills need to learn to read and write
Claps and moves to the patterns of music Developing beginning math and sequence skills
Experments with art materials Building self-expression and creative thinking skills
Explores the five senses Using science and sensory exploration skills
Plays pretend Developing empathy and a different viewpoint
Laughts and giggles Releasing tension and increasing blood flow to the brain
Plays with words Building vocabulary
Builds with blocks Using essential math and geometry skills

The best foot forward for parents to raise their child in a very informed and systematic manner is to consult the child psychologists, read articles, blogs and journals related to raising kids. Kinderpillar has a dedicated blog where efforts are made regularly to educate parents to keep them updated about the latest development in the field of child rearing.

So Kinderpillar blog section is an answer to all your parenting education.

Happy Parenting!