curriculumKinderpillar has a specially designed program that caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool spectrum. This exciting new program is based on the very best research and teaching techniques used in the United States of America to educate young children. The program is a unique blend of brain-based research and creative teaching techniques that not only teach your children, but actually inspire them to learn!

Your child is a natural learner, investigator and thinker. It is our job to provide the materials and activities that support and enhance your child’s ability to learn. Kinderpillar is a whole-child curriculum, which means the content of the program supports ALL aspects of your child’s growing and learning. Each day at Kinderpillar offers your child opportunities to learn key Science, Math, and Literacy concepts and the Social, Creative and Physical skills that are essential to school success. Together, they create a balanced program that emphasizes the natural way your child learns through experiences.

With an engaging mixture of fun and learning, children at Kinderpillar will gain essential skills that will be the foundation for learning success throughout the rest of their schooling and life. Come join us for the joy of learning…the Kinderpillar way.

Our Smart Start Teaching Technique

Kinderpillar’s Smart Start Classroom methodology delivers 3 key, developmentally appropriate early childhood learning experiences through engaging classroom spaces and responsive teacher-child relationships. Our daily routine allows time for group learning and individual experiences. In the classroom, your child will engage in activities that encourage him to:

  • Move: In the unrestricted floor space, children can use their muscles and bodies for enacting, dancing and playing games. This increases physical coordination skills and is a way young children make connections in their brains.
  • Explore and Express: Our area for sensory exploration encourages children to explore their inquisitive nature by experimenting with materials, trying new things and engaging in pretend play.
  • Relax: Our classrooms provide place for quiet and cozy reflection where children and teachers can read books, tell stories and have one-on-one conversations.