Kinderpillar Preschool

As the name suggests, Kinderpillar PreSchools aim at integrating the best and most advanced educational theories and practices from the USA with the cultural richness and values of India.

Kinderpillar Preschool

An internationally-renowned educationist, with over 35 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, Prof. Ellen Booth Church from USA has powered the brand’s USP and its curriculum. She is a famous author and an educational guide for many media companies like Disney, HBO, SCHOLASTIC, BARNES & NOBLE, PBS, CARTOON NETWORK etc.

Here are some distinguishable features that make Kinderpillar PreSchools distinct from other PreSchools:

  • We have an exceptional 3-way Parent-Teacher-School Communication Policy.
  • Our committed and dedicated faculty that is professionally mentored by Prof. Ellen Booth Church based on the most modern, advanced and appropriate classroom pedagogies.
  • An American Format education system that fosters lifelong learners
  • We recognize Individual learning styles and respect individual differences.
  • We focus on inculcating the love for sporting activities and providing Active Learning opportunities.
  • Our global – benchmarked facilities, especially designed for children to ensure their safety, security and hygiene.
  • Exceptionally well structured daycare facilities that serve as the biggest advantage for working parents and a home away from home.
  • The daycare centre is well equipped with many facilities including a lot of intriguing activities for kids.
  • A system of regular assessment to track your child’s overall growth with the help of the observation technique.

The difference of features between an ordinary Preschool and Kinderpillar clearly explains the uniqueness of the brand. Furthermore, Kinderpillar PreSchool Franchisee an international PreSchool chain an unique, recession free business opportunity in early learning and care sector with consistent growth.