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    The brand’s USP is its curriculum, mentored by Professor Ellen Booth Church of the USA, an internationally-renowned educationist, with over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She is a well-known author and also educational consultant to many media companies like Disney, PBS, Nirvanas, and Cartoon Network.
    Our early childhood curriculum is based on extensive research in child development, pedagogy, learning theories and brain research. Recent brain research has improved our understanding of how and when children learn best. The human brain is affected by experiences and therefore children.

    Our Philosophy is to provide preschoolers with the safe and nurturing environment which they need to order to reach their full potential and become well-adjusted and communicative individuals. We believe that children are not empty vessels to be filled with information and facts. Instead of rote memorization, we believe in teaching children how to think and build on their own natural curiosity and in-born knowledge. Children already have the light inside of them. Here at Kinderpillar, it is our job to spark the flame.

    Key features and practices that make Kinderpillar different
    • Our 3-way Parent-Teacher-School Communication Policy.
    • Our committed and dedicated Staff, mentored by Prof. Ellen Booth Church on the most modern and developmentally appropriate classroom methodologies.
    • Our American-format Program that fosters Lifelong Learners, recognizes Individual Learning Styles inculcates a love for sporting activity and provides Active Learning opportunities.
    • Our internationally-benchmarked facilities designed for maximum safety, security and hygiene for children.
    • Day care facility- A home away from home and a boon for working parents.
    • Regular assessment through observation to track the overall growth of your child.