Welcome to Kinderpillar – Ivy League Kids!

For the details visit http://www.kinderpillar.com

Kinderpillar – Ivy League as the name states aims at integrating the best and most advanced educational theories and practices of the United States with the cultural richness and values of India. The brand’s USP is its curriculum, as the entire education model is powered by Professor Ellen Booth Church from the USA, who has over 30 years of experience in early childhood education. Ellen has consulted for the PBS, Nelvana, and Cartoon Network on a wide variety of projects. At Kinderpillar we are nurturing children to become independent thinkers and problem solvers with a lifelong passion for learning and playing well.

Offering a robust business model, the brand is keen to increase its geographical presence via franchising. We are looking forward to open 50 preschools in the first year of functioning, with 12 preschools operational through Company Owned Company Operated model and the rest through the franchise model. The aim of the company is to have 300+ Kinderpillar preschools across the country by 2015.

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