Play is an essential part of the Learning Process. It enables me to socialize and  find out about  myself and the world. I am exposed to a variety of activities at Kinderpillar Preschool through which I Discover, Experiment, Express my ideas, Create something new, Develop Muscles, and so on… Here is how which activity contributes towards my overall growth.

  1. When I am building with blocks, I am learning about shapes and sizes. I am learning how to follow a design that I have in my head. When I work with friends I have to cooperate and explain my ideas and plans. I am counting, grouping, sorting, classifying, and problem solving and matching.
  2. When I am playing in the dramatic play area I try on various roles to help me process and understand my world. I am developing my social skills and ability to play with others, while using my imagination and being creative.  I am exploring concepts and relationships by acting them out.
  3. In the art area. I am expressing myself and being creative. I am using my small muscles and am developing eye-hand coordination. I am seeing cause and effect and the different properties of my materials. I am exploring all different types of media.  All of my creations are unique and special – like me!
  4. When I learn to explore the books, I am able to learn many concepts and things I didn’t know about them! I am also able to stretch my imagination, creativity, and language development. Books show me that there are universal symbols that represent words – this will help me to learn to read and write. They are enhancing my pre reading skills.  Books take me to new places!
  5. I learn many things in the science area!  I learn labeling, classifying, comparing, weighing, measuring and the properties of things. I am also formulating questions about what is happening, and what will happen next.  The science area helps me to understand the world around me.
  6. When I clean upand help take care of my classroom I feel important and a part of things.  It also helps to teach me responsibility and independence. I like to know that I can help!
  7. When I am working fitting small pieces together I am concentrating and developing my fine motor skills. This is good practice – I will need to use these small muscles for holding a pencil when I learn to write.  When I finish, make, or master something I feel good about myself.
  8. When I am pushing, pulling, jumping, running, throwing, climbing, and peddling I am developing my muscles and coordination.  I am learning about controlling my body, spatial concepts, and working on my balance and eye-hand coordination.
  9. When I am cooking, I am measuring, comparing, counting, classifying, and experiencing how properties of things change.  I am role-playing, learning more about my world and about different cultures.
  10. Music lets me be creative and express myself.  I am developing an appreciation for the arts, and my ability to be musical.  I am learning listening skills and how to differentiate sounds.  I am using the part of my brain that also does math. It is also fun to move my body and express myself through music!
  11. Sand and water playis very calming.  It teaches me about science concepts like the properties of things in my world, and how they change and respond when manipulated. I use my small muscles when I pour, sift, scoop, and dig.  I am also measuring, counting, and comparing.  As I talk with my friends, I am expanding my language development
  12. When I am at the workbench I feel very grown up!  I am learning how to create something I have visualized in my head.  I am working on my fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  I have to use math skills, such as shape, size, contrast, comparing, spatial relationships, and problem-solving.  I also get to be creative!
  13. The writing area lets me experience and explore the written word. I am able to see how the written word is a part of my world.  When I play “office” I am practicing my letters and writing skills, which helps prepare me for school.
  14. With number activities I am experiencing mathematical concepts hands-on.  I count, sort, classify, match, measure, compare, group, judge amounts and proportions, and learn about shapes, sizes, and quantities.  I learn 1-to-1 correspondence, problem-solving, and about spatial relationships.
  15. Participating in group time teaches me that I am part of a larger community.  I am also learning some things I will need to be able to do when I get to school – sit without bothering others, listen, wait my turn, and how to follow directions. Many educational concepts are introduced at this time.
  16. Time outdoors is very important to me! It’s a release for me – I am able to run and jump and scream and get all of my energy out! The fresh air is good for me.  I am also developing my large muscles, balance, and coordination while I play.