Early childhood is a complex stage in terms of socio-emotional development. It is very important to show your care and love to the child on regular basis. Parents sometimes get confused as how to tackle the mood swings and behavior problems of their child. Here are few easy ways to show your affection to your child and boost his/her self confidence

1.Make saying “I love you” an unconditional and routine part of your day. Say it a lot!
2.  Cuddle very often.
3. Apologize when you are wrong.
4. Tell them how proud you are of them. Find qualities about them that you genuinely love and compliment them in front of others.
5. Kneel, squat or sit so that you are eye level when you are speaking to them.
6. Spend time alone with each child doing something he/ she loves.
7. Keep your promises.
8. Dance,Play and Read Stories together.
9. Invite your child to help you in cooking or in any other household chores and thank them for their efforts after completing it .
10. Be honest with your child.
11. Be polite and talk to your children as you would like to be talked to. Use phrases such as “please”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry”
12. Touch often. Give shoulder rubs, back rubs and pats on the head. Exchange little kisses very often.
13. Discipline fairly. Teach them self control. Be polite but Be firm to them.
14. Display their artwork in your home.
15. Everyday let your child tell you what’s going on in their life or the things that happened that were important to them. Listen to them.
16. Go Shopping or for a Walk together-just the two of you.
17. Develop a secret word or gesture that only the two of you know. Use it often.
18. Frame a photo of the two of you and display it in his/her room.
19. Give your child a special nickname but use it in private.
20. Be mindful of small opportunities to be tender to your kids (ie: dressing them, brushing their hair, washing their face, tucking them into bed etc.)
21. Let them know that you miss them when you are apart by bringing something back with you.
22. Give them space when they need it.
23. Cook their favorite meal.
24. Include them in decision making or ask for advice. (i.e:) what to wear, what to eat etc.
25. Have an “All about Me” day and do whatever your child wants to.
26. Share their birth story with them.
27. Take the time to talk about emotions and how your child is feeling. Tell them some of the ways that they make you happy.
28. Help your child to foster good relationships with friends and family members.
29. Get to know your children’s teachers and friends.
30. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in you home. Look for ways to laugh together.
31. Help them to become an expert at something.
32. Make a family photo album or scrapbook together.
33. Start an appreciation board. Each day, put a word or a sticker on the board and tell your kids what you appreciate about them. Then have them do the same for other people in the family.