There are many reputable and well-established Preschools, also known as Play schools and Pre-nursery schools, in India. Working parents found real support in the face of the modern early childhood education centers, the number of which grew rapidly in India in the recent years. The existing contest in the early childhood education sector sets up the standards for the preschool provider, hence to be named the best preschool and, what is more important, to be chosen by parents, the one should go through certain challenges and difficulties.

The Best Preschool in India is the one which, while concentrating on the quality of early childhood education, understands its main objectives as well. The Ministry of Women and Child Development of India defines these aims as “to facilitate optimum development of the child’s full potential and lay the foundation for all around development and lifelong learning”. The aims can be achieved through the combination of preschool education methodologies and attention to the personality of each child.

Whereas the preschool is the first educational institute for a child after his/her family and home, its management has to provide the child essential components like affection, care, concern, hygienic and safe environment. The child has to feel him/herself comfortably at the school, only then he/she will be able to learn happily, easily and effectively. The age-appropriately designed classrooms, educational aids, curriculum, which contains ways for holistic development of the child through an integrated and play based approach, are other most necessary elements which contribute to the child’s successful study at preschool.

The Kinderpillar preschools have strong emphasis towards the above mentioned qualities and an ambitious goal to become the best preschool education provider in India. Kinderpillar applies latest teaching techniques, as brain-based and research-based, to follow the idea of curriculum which must focus on the development of the life skills such as language, cognitive, physical and motor, socio-personal and emotional, sensorial and creative.

At Kinderpillar children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas, while the learning process itself is play and activity based. Participation of the parents is a necessary element of the Kinderpillar Preschool educational programme. After all, the best preschool, to be such, has to inspire love for learning and education in children, make them self-dependent, socially adaptive and versatile individuals. The innovative approach to education, well-devised curriculum, maintenance of methodology, dedicated staff, and facilities, designed for maximum safety, security and hygiene, – this is what makes Kinderpillar the best preschool for your young child.