According to Howard Gardner, “The Multiple Intelligences Theory is a scientifically supported system of classifying human abilities, and suggestions about how to encourage learning in ways that respect the individual interests and strengths of children.”

In Top Preschool in India, the teachers recognize the hidden talent and the learning style of each child by observing his/her every day’s behavior. They offer a variety of teaching styles which further make the child to be able to solve problems that he/she encounters in real life.

According to Gardner, there are eight major multiple intelligences as follows-

Musical                    Visual                Mathematical       Interpersonal

Intrapersonal        Kinesthetic       Linguistic              Naturalist

Multiple Intelligence

According to Gardner’s theory, one form of intelligence is not better than another; they are equally important. Every child is capable to learn everything besides he gets his own learning style. The degree in each of the intelligences varies, strong in some area or less developed in other area. Nature (Environment) and Nurture (genes) are the two important factors that determine child’s intelligence type. This theory is very useful for developing a systematic approach in recognizing the individual needs and strengths within a classroom and then altering the teaching style accordingly. Both, children and teachers can adept in all the eight intelligences. It can open the doors by using the strengths of children as a means of complementing their less developed areas.