The demand in high-quality early childhood education centers in India has increased in the past 5 years, as the parents have become aware of the benefits of early childhood education for their children. Modern parents want their child to obtain best and most advanced education as they understand that this investment at child’s early ages will ensure his/her success in future.


A rapid growth in a number of preschools induced the rise of business in early childhood field which has very good perspectives and scope.  Many preschools came up with a Franchise business model for those how are willing to start their own business in early childhood sector. The preschool franchise business is easily accessible, profitable and provides an entrepreneur with an opportunity to establish his/her name among successful educators of our time. If you are one of those, then there are a few simple steps you can make towards your dream of working and earning for yourself.

1. Decide what type of early childhood center you want to open.
Mainly preschool brands offer curriculum for children of 1.5 to 5 years old, and it means that you can opt for at least 3 classrooms in your preschool: playschool, pre-nursery and nursery. However, some preschool franchisors provide you with 5 classrooms, adding Junior and Senior Kindergarten levels to their curriculum. Also a good added value to your center can be a daycare facility for children of working parents.  

2. Make a research on the scope of early childhood centers in your area and beyond.
You might notice that some of the preschools have become incredibly successful and popular across the country and you would want to know how and why. Also it is good to explore new preschool brands and their unique features which can be a curriculum and/or superb classroom ambience for example. Keep contacting franchise representatives in order to know more about the business they propose.

3.  Calculate your budget.
It happens sometimes that what we liked the most we could not afford. Nevertheless, inquire the preschool franchisor whether their franchise model is flexible enough to offer a low budget plan. In this case a franchisee can still take up a preschool, though with less investment range and providing less spacious interior (to some limit).

4. Inquire about legal side of the preschool establishment.
Visit a local lawyer who will tell what all legal issues you have to face prior of the opening of an early childhood center.  Ask whether it is allowed to open a preschool in a residential area as regulations may vary depending on the state and even city.

5. Define your goals.
Besides all the financial benefits of owning a preschool there is always something more what franchise business can bring in. Among these is an opportunity to be a master of your business. You have to understand that you are dealing with the lives of children and their parents; hence the growth of your business will depend on your dedication and striving for excellence in all the domains of a preschool, from ambience to curriculum. 

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