“Time-out” -To Address the Challenging Behaviour of Preschool Children

One of the most effective forms of discipline in reducing challenging behaviour in young children is “Time-out”. This term is taken from “time out from positive reinforcement”. It works on a simple strategy of selectively ignoring the disruptive behaviour. In this process, children are remov

Bonding With Your Child

Parents are very busy these days with work, financial worries, and many other stresses.  As a result, parents are not spending as much time with their children.  Being attentive and responsive to your child provides him or her with a loving and secure relationship. The relationship you have with y

A Comprehensive, Positive Approach to Behavior Support for Preschool Children

There are various challenging social behaviours that may benefit from time-out, such as, aggression towards peers and adults,non-compliance and destructive behaviour. A comprehensive and positive approach should include the following-  1. Building Positive RelationshipsA warm and caring relationsh