Healthy sleep is one of the most important components of your child’s life. Young children need to have proper interrupted sleep in order to keep their body and mind charged. Sleeping increases brain power and hence helps it to establish neuroun connections faster and keep them stronger. Moreover growth hormones release while you sleep. All these reasons are good enough to consider a healthy sleeping of your child a daily essential.

Notwithstanding many parents can name a “go to bed” issue they face with their children from time to time or every single evening. Thereat parents invent such ways out like playing with kids, giving them some sweet snacks, and other activities which unfortunately instead of calming the child down and making him sleepy, are tend to boost child’s energy, and it is going to be difficult after that to simply kiss your child good night and expect him/her to be fast asleep. The kids’ sleeping issues can be of different sorts:  a child refuses to go to sleep or wakes up frequently, or night terrors can prevent him/her from falling asleep.

The very first and most successful way of making your child to go to bed and stay there is to establish a bedtime routine. Every family has their own rituals of when and how they have meals, take a shower, go to bed, and so on. Your child however has to have his/her own bed time not depending on yours.


Bedtime routine has following benefits for you and your little one:
A child feels more relaxed when he/she knows what’s coming next.
Predictability can make a bedtime routine a daily event your child will be looking forward to.
This will be a special time for you to spend with your child, something you will be looking forward too.

The bed-time routine to be successful needs to have these elements:

-Make sure you start early enough to follow the routine sequence properly.
-Choose a period of time for the bedtime routine which you will be able to continue and follow. If you start with 20 minutes routine, don’t stretch it up to one hour the next day, as the child might expect you to do so further too.
-Teach your child that her/his bedroom is a nice place to be and not to be “expelled” to sleep.
-Engage you child in relaxing activities like taking a bath or story time in the hour before sleep time.
-Shift your calming activities in the child’s bedroom, as this is where he/she will spend the night. Get your little one accustomed to the surroundings. You can sing a soft song together, or a lullaby.
– Children like to say Good night to the people and things they love. This way you can propose to say Good night to your child’s favorite toys, other objects, or even to the Moon or to the Sun.
-There will be no harm to play a soothing song from the CD when your child is already half asleep. It will also make a good association for your child with a bedtime.

Otherwise be creative as much as you can to make a bedtime a pleasant every day experience for your child as well as for yourself.