In early childhood education sector, three major trends or movements are on rise which are getting popular among early learning centers, preschools and day care centers across the globe. These trends are helping schools grow professionally and also to the parents’ satisfaction.

 1. Professionalization

As more and more parents are getting aware about the importance of early childhood education, the authorities of concerned schools are increasingly working towards achieving higher standards of quality and facilities provided to the children. The concepts of day care and early learning centers have changed completely. Their purpose in not “baby-sitting” anymore where parents can drop their child while going to work. Day care centers and preschools are offering improved and well researched programs to children these days. They don’t only provide a stimulating learning environment, but also hiring well trained educators who can handle children in a very professional manner. Operational tasks also include providing a safe, secure, comfortable and hygienic classroom along with providing a hassle free transport services if required. Hiring a well educated and trained support staff is also kept in mind.

 2. Emergent Curriculum

Another very important factor which has made its place in early childhood education is adopting an emergent curriculum. Many countries are getting away with child assessments, testing procedures and a fixed curriculum system. Rather they are adopting a new trend that is an emergent curriculum which is based on children’s’ interest. In this type of curriculum, educators take cues from the children and create a personalized curriculum, hence learning occurs naturally. This type of teaching methodology has shown improved results in developmental outcomes during their early learning years. This type of curriculum offers more flexibility to children and parents. But at the same time, the need of much qualified and trained educators arises who can create and deliver such emergent curriculum. This also reinforces the first trend that is professionalization.

 3. Innovation & Technology

Recently, a wide range of technology and innovative ideas have been used and accepted by parents, teachers, and early childhood experts. All these bodies advocate that technology is essential for growth. But at the same time there is a lag in adopting these innovations and technological solutions in early childhood field as a whole. However, great efforts are being made to make technology accessible and affordable to all the classroom set-ups. For example, computers, laptops or tabs have made it easier for early year educators and learners to explore latest software, apps and other technologies that can help creating a better quality learning environment.