Preschool Franchise

Increasing demand for high quality early education and care, Kinderpillar PreSchool and structured Daycare Awarded “Best PreSchool chain” by ASSOCHAM India, is the best business opportunity for young entrepreneurs and business houses. Even, existing Schools and preschools are upgrading by taking our Franchisee which offers complete support and guidance on setting up your own branded Kinderpillar PreSchool and Day care with international standard ambience and Standard operating procedures (SOP) for the day to day operations of preschool. Kinderpillar PreSchool offers Brain based, research based curriculum with STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math) for hands on learning experience for children.

In the present scenario, most people are looking for good business opportunity with low investments and high returns. Many of them want to be the future entrepreneurs. Kinderpillar Preschool an ISO Certified Preschool Franchise is the best business opportunity for them.

Kinderpillar PreSchool Franchise Offers

1. Flexibility

Monday to Friday working days with less business hours allow you the flexibility to manage your own time and balance your quality of life. Still few of Kinderpillar Preschool Franchise owners choose to give in extra hours.


An estimated US$ 2 billion early childhood education market which is expected to increase to 5 billion by 2022 registering a high 23% CAGR, with over 15mn children in the age group of 2-6 years and only 1.4mn of children in this age group going to preschool in urban and semi urban areas.

With growing awareness among 2/3 tier cities, penetration rate for the preschools is expected to rise to 25%.


Kinderpillar PreSchool franchise owners are making an important difference by meeting the need for quality early learning and child care for children and families in their communities.