The lazy children are not the same as uninterested children. Judy H. Wright, a parent educator and PBS consultant, says that there appear to be many factors which influence child’s activeness. The laziness of a child can be caused by stage of growth, hormones, hunger, motivation, lack of clear directions and maybe even sleep deprivation. So considering these will make a difference in helping the child to overcome laziness.


  • Some of the factors are related to child’s health. If necessary, do a full medical examination of the child as to ensure that there is no medical problem involved in child feeling of laziness. Check whether your child gets all essential vitamins and nutrients, and has proper, sufficient sleep and rest.
  • There are no lazy people, especially, children. Some of them tend to become reluctant to exercise because they don’t do it well and don’t want their peers to see them fail. However, physical activity has to be an inevitable part of the child’s life. Parents have to give an opportunity to play, practice such skills as running, balancing, jumping, hopping, and skipping and so on.  This will help your child to gain confidence in his/her ability to actually be physically strong. Limit such activities which revolve around sitting, watching screens.
  • Too much pressure from the parents’ side to achieve highest grades in school, to succeed in sport and everywhere else can make the child react in a way that instead of applying more efforts he/she will try to resist and have a “don’t-feel-like-doing-anything” attitude. The parents have to put short term goals and praise a child for even small achievements. Find the type of activity your child succeeds in more and let him/her do it.
  • Don’t get irritated and don’t take it personally when the child does all the things wrong (in your opinion). He/she might be not knowing how to do it, or trying to get your attention. Have positive attitude, find family’s cooperation, believe that together you can be successful.
  • Learn time management, together. Sometimes the child needs to be more organized and manage his/her time. Together make a chart of activities to be accomplished by certain hours. He/she must follow the chart and you can help in this initially. This skill will be very useful for your child in future too.

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