We have been talking about different types of children in our blog recently, and were referring more to the parents rather than teacher. However every teacher dealing with preschoolers need support and advises as well. So what shall a Top Preschool in India teacher do to successfully run a classroom?

1. As a preschool teacher you shall not be left in the middle of the day not knowing what to do next and what were you supposed to do. Hence always prepare a plan of your lessons. It is understood nevertheless, that sometimes you just have to go with the flow, so try to alter your plan accordingly.
2. Don’t forget that you are dealing with preschoolers, what means they are going to make mistakes, throw tantrums, make huge messes, and so on. Being angry is not the best way to calm the children down. Be patient with all those little kids whose lives were entrusted to you.
3. Remember that in some ways you are substituting the child’s parents. The young children are vulnerable and building their self esteem at this age. The teacher has show love and affection for each of them, appreciate their little efforts and praise them for little achievements.
4. Parents are your partners in the child’s education. Establish a contact with them; inform them about child’s successes and challenges. Get to know what strategies are used in the family to manage child’s behavior. Working together with parents will lead to satisfaction from both sides and make process of teaching smoother and stress free.
5. Keep classroom materials stocked so that you will not run out of some necessary craft or math activity sheets and supplies. Organize your materials as to be able to find what you need fast and also explain children how it is important to keep things in order.
6.Enjoy teaching after all! Working with young children is so much fun and brings loads of positive energy every day. Let your humor make daily activities more cheerful and enjoyable for children.

These are just major guidelines for managing a Top Preschool in India. Every teacher will have his/her own approach to conducting the lessons. Creativity and spontaneity in teaching along with professionalism will also help you to effectively educate your preschoolers as well as have fun in the classroom.

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