A Look at Common Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Questions

Over the many years that I have been a teacher families have asked a few common questions about early reading and writing issues they are seeing in their child. Here are a few of them and the answers I have provided. I hope this is helpful for all! – Ellen Booth Church  Trouble with Grasping

“How to Teach Children to Love Learning.”- Part 3 (Classroom Settings)

Arranging Your “I LOVE LEARNING” Classroom The way you arrange your setting has a strong effect on children’s opportunities to fall in love with learning…and life. If you strictly control how children use space and spend time, you limit their chances to make decisions, and experiment with ma

Setting Up Basic Learning Centres for Preschool – Part 1

(Guided By Prof. Ellen Booth Church) MATH-MANIPULATIVE CENTRE Your Math Centre is the place where children discover how math is much more than learning to count. And perhaps more importantly, they find out that math is actually useful and FUN! Too many children develop an early case of “math anxi