Taking Art and Math Outside

“When we teach a child to draw, we teach him how to see.When we teach a child to play a musical instrument, we teach her how to listen.When we teach a child to dance, we teach him how to move through life with grace.When we nurture imagination, we create a better world, one child at […]

STEAM “IT” Outside! Taking learning off the page and out the door

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”- Educator, Horace Mann  The great outdoors is your child’s “other” classroom. Studies are showing that young children need to interact with natural materials in the real world around them to develop higher or

“How to Teach Children to Love Learning.”- Part 3 (Classroom Settings)

Arranging Your “I LOVE LEARNING” Classroom The way you arrange your setting has a strong effect on children’s opportunities to fall in love with learning…and life. If you strictly control how children use space and spend time, you limit their chances to make decisions, and experiment with ma

“How to Teach Children to Love Learning.”- Part 2 (Role of a Teacher)

YOU (Teacher)Create the EnvironmentYou are the important ingredient in teaching a child to love learning. In fact, you are the cornerstone of the classroom environment. No matter if you are in a tiny basement classroom or a huge sunny space, it is your interactions with children that turn any place

“Look What I Did!”-The Science of Kids and Toys- Guided by Ellen Booth Church

How many times have you heard your child say, “Look what I did…Look what I found” with delightful amazement? The discovery of an interesting flower, rock, or button may seem inconsequential to adults but can become the basis for great opportunities for thinking, problem solving and fun.A walk

Setting Up Basic Learning Centres for Preschool – Part 2

(Guided By Prof. Ellen Booth Church)    TECHNOLOGY CENTRE   A place to explore and express with different forms of media… from the computer to musical recordings and instruments. Be sure that the amount of time that children spend with technology is much shorter than hands-on active play.  *
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