What You Should Know about the Preschoolers

The classroom management tips for a preschool can be the same as for a formal school. The common idea behind the term is to employ such teaching techniques and methods as to provide a classroom environment so it is conductive to learning and allows a child to be successful. The preschool teacher how

Multiple Intelligence In Early Childhood

According to Howard Gardner, “The Multiple Intelligences Theory is a scientifically supported system of classifying human abilities, and suggestions about how to encourage learning in ways that respect the individual interests and strengths of children.” In Top Preschool in India, the teachers r

Various Methodologies of Play School Teaching

Preschool education is a fast developing sector of Indian educational system and this is a two way process. The modern parents seek high standards of early childhood education for their children while preschools search for effective, up to date ways of delivering it. The remarkable feature of Indian

Show Your Children That You Love Them

Early childhood is a complex stage in terms of socio-emotional development. It is very important to show your care and love to the child on regular basis. Parents sometimes get confused as how to tackle the mood swings and behavior problems of their child. Here are few easy ways to show your affe

When Your Child is Bored..

Every parent has heard the dreaded phrase “I’m bored” at least once in a while. It is not unusual for kids to get bored when they are away from school. The key is to deal with boredom with understanding and creativity. Here are some tips you can use with your child.  Invite your Kinderpillar